Mail Call

I read that there are some legislators who want to enact a “Do Not Mail” list, similar to the successful “Do Not Call” list.   Right on.

Let’s look at what we got today……

1.  A Comcast bill (can’t avoid that one, I guess)

2.  An offer to go to the Galapagos Islands with Harvard’s Museum of Natural History (eleven months from now).  Highlights include:  “See blue footed boobies”; after a morning of kayaking, I can “experience the escape of massage”; cabins with “two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed and a window”.

3.  A letter from Children’s National Medical Center which starts with “Happy Spring!”

4.  An invitation to attend a Montgomery College Nursing School Alumni Reception

5.  An invitation from Catholic Charities to attend the 2008 Cardinal’s Charity Ball, April 19, $50

6.  The Library of Congress April Calendar of Events (most interesting look to be the music programs, and a lunchtime lecture on Tuesday the 8th on “The Rescue of Jewish Physicians by the Croatian Government, 1941-1945, one more tale in the story of human progress)

7.  An Invitation to the Harvard Crimson annual Boston lunch (April 26, $50 plus carfare)

8.  Invitation to cousin Maggie’s wedding in May in Kansas City (What a surprise; real mail!!  Wouldn’t want to exclude this one!)

9.  Summer/Fall class schedule at the University of the District of Columbia. (Most important statement:  tuition and fees will be waived for qualifying senior citizens, 65 years of age or older.  Do I qualify?  If so, it’s my chance to take beginning Arabic on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the fall.

10.  The Washington Post “At Home Living in Style” Magazine.  (Actually has an interesting-looking article on the restoration of Dumbarton Oaks, which had been closed for two years or so.)

11. The Comcast Channel Guide for April  (always pitch it; too much paper in the house already)

12.  Allergy & Asthma Today, Volume 6, Issue 1.

13.  A package of postcards that advertise various local businesses

14.  A pitch from Amnesty International

15.  A pitch from the American Jewish Committee (in advance of its 102nd annual meeting, April 29-May 3)

16. A pitch from Planned Parenthood Federation of America

17. A statement that a CD at Wachovia Bank is about to mature.  (My guess:  we move it somewhere else, because the interest rate will be so low, but we won’t know the rate for about three weeks)

18. An ad from Loehmann’s.  Explain this incentive to me.  “Bring this and save…take $25 off your purchase of $50 or more”, followed by “For a $50 transaction you will receive a discount of $25 prorated over the amount of the transaction.

19. Another package of ads from Direct Rewards.  Mostly home improvements.  (We can always use home improvements, as you know)

20. Second notice from the DC Nurses Association

21.  A pitch for the AARP Financial Life Insurance Program.

22.  Renewal notice for “The Forward” (we seem to get this weekly)

23.  An ad for Miracle Ear’s 60th birthday sale (theirs, not ours)

24. Our semi-annual 54 cent dividend check from PEPCO

25. A pitch from Camp Ramah of New England

26.  Hillary Clinton for President “We’re going all the way”

27.  Ad for a new credit card

28. A pitch from CARE (enclosing emergency meal tickets.  Huh?)

29. A note from Kaiser Permanente for Michelle, who has managed to go for (how many years, Michelle, 6? 7?) a long, long time, without telling them she has moved.

30.  The 2008 donor drive solicitation from the Arthritis Foundation

31.  A copy of The Forward

32.   Smithsonian Associate, giving the schedule of upcoming programs.

33.  The National Gallery of Art’s Spring 2008 weekend film calander

34.  A catalog from West Elm

35.  The monthly Adas Israel newsletter.

Well, I have to say, today is not as bad as usual.  By my count, of the 35 items, almost 1/3 are things we want or, even if we don’t want them, need.

But assuming about 300 mail delivery days a year and that this is average, it seems that we get over 10,000 pieces of mail a year.


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