Kudos Where Warranted and a Big Boo for Verizon

I probably was not clear enough yesterday.  To fix our Channel 79 problem, we called Comcast, anticipating that we would be put on a call back list or have to make an appointment with a service representative.  This did not happen.  The woman who answered the phone at Comcast was able herself to resolve the problem by resetting our cable box remotely.  It took, maybe, five minutes.  We thought this extraordinary.

Similarly, we had an issue when installing a new version of Quicken at home.  We emailed Quicken and gave them our question.  They promise a return call within 30 minutes.  We got the call, and some nice young man in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka (or New Jersey) was able to help us quickly and with confidence.  This was extraordinary.

We took our car to have the paint touched up after I was hit several weeks ago.  We went to the Geico express repair facility at Ourisman in North Bethesda.  We had two extremely polite young men help with the car, and a third with providing us a rental while ours is being fixed.  Geico has called the house at least three times in two days to give us an update on repairs.  This is extraordinary.

Now let’s talk about Verizon.  We received a phone bill with about $22 of charges for two long distance calls that we did not make.  In fact, we know that our phone was in use on a local conference call when they say we were talking to South Dakota (where we don’t even know anyone).  The person who responded to our billing inquiry and two supervisors have refused to adjust our bill, telling us that they are very accurate, and that (ready for this?), they don’t make any adjustments that exceed $20.   We will see about that.


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