A Brief Prius Aside (one cent)

The road from home to Timonium:  North on Connecticut, East on the Beltway, North on 29, East on I-70, North on 695, North two exists on I-83.  Approximate distance is 50 miles.

Driving to Timonium this morning, I decided to be the perfect Prius driver, nursing my car along in such a way as to maximize gas mileage.  To my surprise, when I left I-83, I had averaged 56.5 miles per gallon.

Coming home, I decided to drive normally, not worry about too much acceleration up the hills, passing cars when I wanted to, exceeding the 55 and 65 mph limits in my normal manner.  When I arrived him, and looked at the mpg-o-meter, I saw I was at 48.7.

Although 48.7 is quite good (obviously), there is quite a difference between that and 56.5.


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