When the hockey season ends…..

perhaps Bruce Boudreau can move from the Caps to become the manager of the Nationals for the remainder of the season.

Poor Manny Acta.  He did such a good job last year, that no one expected a second year slump, and when the Nats won their first three games, everyone was quite excited, what with a new stadium and all.  But then came (so far) six straight losses, and what appears to be a failure in hitting (except for Christian Guzman), in starting and in relief.  And certainly a failure in making sure no one is left on base.

When will this dive end?  When Dmitri Young, and Elijah Dukes and Willie Mo Pena come off the DL?  That will give us a strong pinch hitter and two more left fielders, but that doesn’t seem like it will be enough.

And then there’s Boudreau who came out of nowhere (i.e. Hershey) to move the Caps 1/4 of the way through the season from dead last place to the lead in the Southeast Division, and the third seed in the playoffs.  We don’t know what they will do against a rugged Philadelphia team in round 1 (they played even with them over the year), but for one I am optimistic for this round.

But when the hockey season ends for the Caps (whether it is next week, or early June), perhaps Boudreau should move from the NHL to the NL.  If motivation is the key, he can motivate.  Let the coaches work on the fundamentals with the players.


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