A few random thoughts

1.  The 5-4 Caps victory over the Flyers in the first game of the playoffs was perhaps the most exciting hockey game of the year.

2.  As to the Nats, after they won their first 3 games, a friend said (with perhaps a little too much wishful thinking) that they would wind up 162-0.  Now that they have lost their next 8, I predict a season of 3-159.

3.  My Friday?  A walk in the morning to buy bagels, and a stop to eat one of them and drink a cup of coffee, while reading the “Examiner”.  A visit to the annual Stone Ridge Country Day book sale where I bought a record-low five books.  An attempt to get a bite to eat at the vegetarian Vegetable Garden Chinese Restaurant in Rockville only to find, at 12:15 that every table was full and then some, so next door to Izhe’s Deli, where my chicken salad sandwich was much better than I would have guessed it would have been.  A stop at Andersen Renewal Windows to get a brief tutorial on how to tilt the windows for cleaning (it’s been 24 hours; not sure I remember, but it was clear yesterday).  A stop at the Friends of the Library bookstore in Rockville to drop off 5 bags of books (part of the clean-out process).  A stop at Petco in Rockville where, fighting nausea from the smell, I bought a new bed for our cat.  A stop at the Chevy Chase pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  An hour at the gym.  A very good rockfish, vegetable and Spanish rice dinner.  And the hockey game on TV, followed by an hour or so reading A Race Against Death.


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