Judas Isacriot at the Forum Theatre

We went to the first preview on Saturday night.  This is a terrific show (comic, until the pathos-filled ending) that I think everyone would enjoy.  It is a trial in purgatory (good for lawyers) of Judas Iscariot (good for Christians, Jews, and those whose best friends include Christians and Jews), for turning Jesus over to Caiaphas the Elder for thirty pieces of silver (which he tried to return), who gave Jesus to Pontius Pilate and the Roman occupying (ruling) authorities, which led to the crucifixion, which led to everything else (for better or for worse).  Did Judas betray Jesus?  Or was he selected to help Jesus fulfill his mission?  Did something go wrong?  Did everything happen as it was supposed to?  Judas committed suicide in despair.  Was this a necessary reaction, a healthy reaction, a normal reaction?  Judas is in Purgatory in despair.  Do any of these externalities matter if the despair continues?

The play by Stephan Adly Guirgis previewed in New York a few years ago, and is being performed not only in Washington, but in London where it opened up a week or so ago at the Almeida Theatre.  Go see the Forum presentation, and then look at the websites on the London presentation.  They look like identical twins.  And, according to successful dramaturg Hannah, I am told that the performances were put together with neither knowing the other was in preparation.  Strange, but true.

Before the show, we had supper at Granville Moore’s Restaurant.  In a townhouse on H Street NE, a block from the Forum’s theater, it is a Belgian restaurant, featuring mussels, fries and Belgian beers, among other things (do you know how many different beers are brewed in Belgium?).  Excellent food.  No coffee.  (Small place, don’t want you to loiter, I guess).  But the coffee shop that is between the restaurant and the theater (name??) has coffee that is better than Starbucks (not saying much there?), and of equal quality to Murky Coffee (that of the failure to pay rent or DC taxes).

Went to the Caps game Sunday.  Lost in the second game of the series, 2-0, to the Flyers.  Enough said.  Supper after at McCormick and Schmick’s.  So-so.  I had the Wahoo.  The what?


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