Naples on the Potomac (one cent)

Wednesday is trash day.  Starting before 7 a.m., the trash and recycling trucks roll through the neighborhood, taking our weekly share of the 1600 pounds per person of annual trash to the dump and or recycling center.  For a family of two, that means about 61 pounds per week.

But yesterday, they did not come.  No one said that they wouldn’t come.  They just didn’t.  And today, although it is beyond their normal arrival time, there is no sign in the area (and I just got back from a walk to the gym) that they are around.

Why aren’t they here?  Why didn’t anyone tell us?  Does it have anything to do with the pope being in town? Is the idea to turn Washington into Naples?  If so, at least tell us.  And give us the ferry schedule to Capri.


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