Grigory Sokolov

I wrote a note about pianist Grigory Sokolov some months ago. I had heard a recording on WETA and loved it.

And then I promptly forgot about him.

Until yesterday, where the Arts section of the NYT had an interesting article called “When Fame Can’t Cross the Atlantic”, talking about some of the reasons that, in spite of the total opening of cultural movement to and from the former Iron Curtain countries, some artists have not made it in the United States. Sokolov performs concerts across Europe, where he is recognized as the extraordinary pianist that he is. But has not performed in the US, and there are apparently no plans for him to. A number of reasons are given, none of them quite good enough. To complicate matters, he has not made any recordings since 1995. I suggest you find him on youtube, as well as Sviatislav Richter, and the compare the two.


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