Sweat Shirts (4 cents)

When I want anonymity, I put on my sold blue, or my sold gray, sweatshirt.  Otherwise, I always carry some sort of message.

No, I don’t usually wear a sweat shirt displaying a full sentence such as “What do you think of my sweat shirt”.  My message is more subtle.

For example, I wear my Sorbonne sweat shirt when I want people to think that I am continental.  It seems to have no effect.

When I want people to think I am just one of the guys, I wear my Washington DC Hard Rock Cafe sweat shirt.  No one seems to think anything.

And when I want to raise a few eyebrows, I can wear my 1987 Washington Post Style Section Gorbachev Book Tour sweatshirt in bright red.  “Few” is the operative word.

What really gets attention?  It is my sweatshirt with a large picture of the “Catsup Bottle Water Tower” in Collinsville, Illinois.

Welcome to America.


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