The Passover Groaning Board

Well, usually the Passover groans come from eating too much too good food.  But sometimes, Passover groans have other causes.  Like the story I told about the hungry blind man being given the matzah, not knowing what it was, running his fingers along it, and saying “Fascinating.  Who wrote this stuff?”

You know, it could have been worse.  Like the story about the man who went into the grocery and bought a loaf of bread on Passover only to be spotted by his rabbi, who asked him how he could be doing such a thing.  “What did you see?”, said the man.  “I saw everything” said the rabbi, “I saw you go into the story, go to the bakery department, pick up the loaf of bread and pay the clerk”.  “So”, said the man, I guess it is OK, right?”

“What are you talking about”, said the rabbi?  The man responded:  “Everything that I did, I did under complete rabbinical supervision.”

Or the story of the seder where the cook broiled the liver and chopped it up with apples and nuts and a little wine.  You know what she made?  Charoses of the liver.

You see, the groans could have been much louder.


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