The Wright Stuff?

OK, I listened to Pastor Wright’s speech before the NAACP last night and his speech at the Press Club this morning.  They were both excellent and well delivered.

But…then it was time for questions from the audience.  Well, not from the audience directly, but from questions previously (before the speech) handed to the moderator.  The questions were primarily softball and simpleminded, but they covered a broad range of areas.  Wright answered each with only one or two sentences.  But they weren’t one or two sentences meant to be helpful, but rather meant to demean the listener (“You have never heard my sermons, have you, so how can you ask that question?”), to show how smart he was, and how above it all.  Smirking at people in the audience, rolling his eyes or raising his eyebrows, saying things that will most certainly become today’s and tomorrow’s sound bites as if to taunt his hosts, the media, Rev. Wright, for all the power and truths in much of what he says, proved that humility is not part of his Christianity.  That is really too bad.


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