Wright and Wrong

Reverend Wright is speaking here 25 minutes from now at the National Press Club.  I am going to watch him on C-Span.  According to this morning’s Washington Post, “The Miami Beach-based Jewish group Shalom International plans to demonstrate against Wright outside of the press club.  Bob Kunst, the group’s president, called Wright a “racist” and warned “There’s going to be a major, major breakaway in the Democratic Party of Obama is nominated.”

Shalom International is a “never again” group that likes to protest and make things uncomfortable for anyone who disagrees with their right wing approach to Jewish affairs.  Sometimes they are on the correct side of an issue; sometimes they are totally off the wall, and an embarrassment.  This is a case of the latter.

If Shalom International wants to protest against the pope because there is still some anti-Jewish material in church dogma, or because there has not been sufficient repudiation of the church’s horrific past, so be it.  If they want to take a political position on Israel’s foreign policy, OK, they don’t matter anyway. If they want to stage protest rallies contra proto-Nazi rallies, more power to them.

But to protest against Reverend Wright and Obama?  “Off the wall” is not sufficiently descriptive.

Shalom, indeed.


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