Starbucks and Sorensen

Starbucks:  I go into my neighborhood Starbooks on K at Connecticut.  I order a small (read: tall) coffee, and hand over two dollar bills.  The clerk (associate? representative? customer assistance person? personal coffee server?) says:  “where’s your coupon?”.  Naively, I say “coupon”?  He says:  “That’s OK; today’s on me.”  And he gives me the coffee and my two dollar bills.

Sorensen: Ted Sorensen was John F. Kennedy’s assistant, with the title of presidential counselor.  Counselor is the name of his new book.  He spoke at Politics & Prose tonight.  By the time I arrived, at about 7:05, the books were all off the table.  It will be a big night for the owners.

He gave a short presentation, speaking more about Obama than Kennedy.  And then he answered questions with wit, sincerity, and openness.  Lyndon Johnson as vice president was at the head of his list, and Bobby Baker intimated that Johnson was interested.  Jackie and Jack, however, disliked him.  Bobby Kennedy thought Sorensen was horning in on family business, but after the death of JFK, they became quite friendly.  Had he lived, we never would have become involved in the Vietnam war with combat troops.

What does he think Obama should do?  Go to the UN and say that the aberration of the past eight years is over, and the US is ready to become a proper world citizen.  Not mincing any words there.

I was surprised how sharp he seemed, how well spoken he was, and how good his memory remained.  Counselor is a book I’d like to read.


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