My Message to the Jewish Publication Society (32 cents)

I demand accuracy on the part of publishers of reference material!

A few nights ago, I was reading through an important JPS publication, the 1915-1916 American Jewish Yearbook (OK, so I’m a little behind in my reading). For some reason, the substance of this 551 page book ends on page 413, with the remainder of the book being taken up with a presumably complete list of all of the members of the Jewish Publication Society. On page 458, the Missouri members are listed. There were more than 250 members living in Missouri, one of whom was my grandfather, Dr. A. A. Margulis, who would have then been about 28 years old. His name is listed next to the address, 1326 Shawnut. 1326 Shawnut? This is an error!!!! His address was 1326 Shawmut. M, not N. To whom do I report this misstatement of the facts? And what should I exect they will do about it?

And, on a related topic, why did my grandfather pay dues to the Jewish Publication Society?


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