The Blood Libel (2 cents)

From medieval times, Jews have been accused of murdering Christian children to extract their blood to use as a necessary ingredient in Passover matzah. What could be more absurd, right?

Yet it has continued, not only in the past, but in the present. This year, posters were plastered around the Russian city of Novosibirsk, for example. And the Arab media continues a constant barrage of these accusations. As they say, “google it”.

1915 was a big year for blood libel accusations in Russia. Going once again to the American Jewish Yearbook for that year, the following instances are listed under the category “Events in 5675-Russia”:

Lublin – “discovery of body of a Christian gives rise to ritual murder accusations. Mob attempts to lynch a Jew, and as a result of alleged evidence of anti-Jewish agitator, a father and son are arrested.

Pabianitz – Loss of girl results in blood accusation, which subsides when girl is found.

Zhitomer – Discovery of lost boys causes collapse of blood accusations. Editor of The Den imprisoned for publishing article against the ritual murder accusation.

Moscow – Police forbid production of play condemning ritual murder libel.

Monastirchina – Temporary disappearance of Christian boy leads to arrest of two Jews.

Grayetz – Jew imprisoned on charge of ritual murder released; police continue to inquire into charges.

Ekaterinoslav – The Two Headed Eagle accuses Jewish Community of abducting Christian girl from asylum, and announces disappearance of Christian boy near brick yard owned by Jew

and on and on……..

And nothing has changed.

How do you deal with things like this? (I think that I have asked this question before.)


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