Truth is Always Stranger Than Fiction (one cent)

The plot of the novel:

A well respected federal appellate judge opens the trial of several defendants accused of violating federal obscenity laws.  During the trial, it appears that there may be someone else involved, whose identity has not been disclosed or discovered.  The prosecutors probe.  Fingers point to the judge…….

OK.  Not a bad plot.

But:  Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th circuit is presiding over such a trial.  He has been a federal judge for over twenty years.  He has his own website–  According to this morning’s “Washington Post”:

“graphic, sexually explicit material appeared in what he thought was a hidden part of his own web site……The material included a picture of naked women painted to look like cows, a short video of a man with a sexually excited farm animal, and images of masturbation, contortionism and transsexuals.”

So, as they say, “What is wrong with these pictures?”