A Friendly Time

The last few weeks have been busy, something you couldn’t tell by reading my postings.  For one thing, they have been more social than usual.  Of course, there was Seattle, with the bat mitzvah events on Friday night, Saturday morning and early afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday morning, and then a visit will old friends in Seattle on Sunday night.  And then there was a barbecue at friends’ house on July 3.  The date is important because their house backs onto the grounds of the Chevy Chase Club, which does its July 4 fireworks party on July 3, so we got quite a view, looking at the massive display through our friend’s backyard trees (a terrific visual combination).  There were 12 of us at their house.  And then on the 4th, we went for dinner at the house of other friends (there was a group of friends there), and on that Sunday, we had brunch at the house of more friends.  And then on Friday night, we had dinner at the house of still additional friends, and last night, we attended the wedding of the daughter of friends.  And at the wedding, we saw friends.


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