The Price is Right (3 cents)

It is pretty hot here today and, at lunch, I went on a wild goose chase (otherwise known as going to an establishment several blocks from the nearest public transportation, only to discover it was closed), so I decided I needed a rare treat.  And I bought a Haagen-Dazs Yogurt and Sorbet Bar (only 100 calories), and was surprised when told it would cost be $3.18.

That got me thinking.  About what things should cost.  (Yes, I know there has been inflation; I have taken that into account.)

Yogurt and Sorbet Bar = 90 cents

Cup of Coffee =  90 cents

Ride on a bus or subway = 90 cents

Newspaper = 35 cents

Magazine = $1.25

Baseball Tickets = $5

Hockey Tickets = $5

Movie = $5

Paperback book = $2

Hardback book = $8

Shuttle to NYC (from Washington) or back = $65

Train to NYC = $45

Bus to NYC = $15

Shoe Shine = $1 (plus tip)

Hair cut = $12 (plus tip)

Hourly cost of for a lawyer’s time = priceless**

** ambiguity intended


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