John Edwards, Gary Hart and Strom Thurmond ($2.01)

For years, Gary Hart has been ridiculed by leading the press to his ladyfriend with his challenge to watch him and see how clean he is, and how devoted to wife and family.  Unbelievable, it was said, shows really stupidity.

Then, there was Strom Thurmond, who was able to keep his bi-racial daughter hidden from the limelight for his entire very long life.  (To be fair, I don’t think that Thurmond was married at the time of this liaison, but there were other issues involved.)

And now there is poor John Edwards, who denied the paternity of his daughter (seems clear now, doesn’t it?), allowed a friend to take the fall for him, but now, Hart-like, appears at a Beverly Hills hotel for a post-dusk rendezvous, only to be caught by the National Enquirer.

Ah, John, you may have a lot of Hart, but you are no Strom Thurmond.


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