A Tale of Two Tilapias: Come to the Cabaret (1 cent)

As it turned out, we had supper at two Mexican restaurants, one last night, one the night before.  At each I ordered tilapia.  Ho, hum, you say.  Who cares?

Well, it just goes to show you how different tilapia can be (ho, hum).  The first restaurant, Senor Pepper’s is a new restaurant (more precisely, new ownership and new name) in Chevy Chase.  It was just awful.  The tilapia had gone through a deflavoring and detexturizing process, and they put diced raw tomatoes with a little cilantro on top, served it with a scoop of white rice, decent but liquidy black beans, and carrots and broccoli identifiable as such only by visual observation.  Stay away, mi amigos.

But last night, it was Mix-tec in Adams Morgan (we had been there twice before), where the tilapia tasted like the Creator wanted tilapia to taste with a delicious warming sauce with an unpronouncable name (Cuitlahuac), served with a nice, fresh salad, very tasty beans and rice with a hint of tomato.  The price of the two dinners was comparable.

So, Senor Pepper?  no.  Mix-tec?  Si.

But then!!! We went to Chief Ike’s Mambo Room for our next Capitol Fringe event, this one a cabaret performance by eight singers (one of whom doubled as an energetic and competent keyboardist).  They called it Psycho-cabaret (not the most apt name), and they provided the most entertaining hour of music that we had heard in a long time.


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