Himilayan House and Victoria’s Secret (4 cents)

A few weeks ago, I saw that Himilayan House, a small store near Dupont Circle that sells Himilayan stuff (I actually don’t know what they sell; they have had signs for pashimas and it looks like they sell trinket-type stuff, but maybe they are collectors’ items), is going out of business.

Then Olson’s Books closed most of its stores, including its very visible 7th Street location.

This is the start, I said, of a raft of retail stores closing their doors, victims to the economic turndown, higher gas prices, and the internet.  I expected (and expect) to see more vacancies every week.

Then I started reading articles saying that, in the DC market, retail stores were doing much better than in some other markets, that few closures were expected, and that all (for now) would be well.  “We shall see”, I said.

Yesterday, I noticed that Victoria’s Secret had disappeared from its prominent location on Connecticut Avenue, between K and L.

Now, I don’t spend much time in retail establishments, either buying or browsing, but it is very important to me, as a city dweller, that they be around in great number.  So, even though I would never be in the market for Himilayan artifacts or do-dads, have other places than Olson’s to buy my books, and would stick out in Victoria’s Secret like a sore thumb, I really miss these places.

So, if their owners are reading this blog, I would request that you reopen.  If you do, I pledge that I will do my best to become a regular.


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