Explain Russia to me, please (5 cents)

OK, S. Ossetia did not want to be part of Georgia and, for the past 15+ years, has been virtually independant.  And the new Georgian president wanted to bring the region back under Georgian control.  And most of the South Ossetians would rather be Russian than Georgian.  OK, let’s take all that for granted.

So Russia does not want S. Ossetia to go back under Georgian sovereignty.  OK, I’ll take that for granted, as well.

And I also don’t care who governs the area.  So, I assert my neutrality.

S. Ossetia, according to Wikipedia and others, has about 70,000 people.  That’s another fact.

Now, Russia sends in troops, and attacks the capital of the province, as well as the city of Gori.  At least 2,000, and probably more, people have been killed.  That is out of 70,000?  And the two cities have been ruined by Russian bombs.

And Russia’s goal is to protect South Ossetia, as I understand it, and strengthen its ties with Russia.  And its method is to destroy it.

Explain Russia to me, please.


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