City on Fire! City on Fire! (2 cents)

Sometimes, you feel like yelling it, just like you were in Sweeney Todd.  Now is one of those times.  The world is out of whack.

I did not expect the powerful Russian federation to march into the relative helpless Republic of Georgia, just because they felt a bit insulted.  The argument of course is that the Georgians moved first; of course, the Georgians moved into a part of Georgia.  Just because the South Ossetians don’t seem to like being a part of Georgia, doesn’t mean that South Ossetia isn’t a part of Georgia, does it?  And they certainly aren’t a part of Russia.

Of course, there are many ethnic Russians in South Ossetia.  So?  There are ethnic Russians in all of the former SSRs.  So?  Does that mean that Russia can become their protector and ignore international boundaries.  What is this?  Are we back to Lebensraum and the Sudetenland?  Bozhe moi!

But now everything is out of balance.  We aren’t working towards one world (put those Islamic republics aside for the time being); we are working towards Realpolitik.  Ronald Reagan can’t take credit any more for ending the evil empire, or breaching the iron curtain or ending the Cold War.  They are all still there; Reagan didn’t do a thing, except let the Jews leave Russia in order for them to be threatened by Iran, did he?

And what is the Russian goal here?  To cower their neighbors into warm and cuddly friendships?  To impress the West?  And why do they need to?

How will this work out?  Will this work out?

City on Fire!


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