Why Are We Doing It? (ten cents)

That is the big question (shorthand).  Longhand, it is “Why are we watching so much of the Olympics”?

Last night started out OK, with the Nats/Phillies game on while we had supper and after.  But then when the game was over, we switched to NBC.  At first, it was OK.  Women’s diving, men’s 400 meters, men’s hurdles, and so forth.  But then it got a bit sketchier, as it went to BMX cycling (first women, then men).  But it was fun to watch (except for when the bikes which, in bost races, crashed and it looked like the drivers were dead or at least maimed).  And then came, of all things, men’s beach volleyball.  Come on, who would watch that?  We did, although the game wasn’t over until 12:30 a.m.  Why did we do that?

And, beyond that, why am I watching the Cuba – US baseball game as a write this post?

I can’t imagine.


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