Some say that Haydn didn’t reall write 104 symphonies (one cent)

But that instead, he wrote the same symphony 104 times.

Did Woody Allen direct 44 movies, or did he direct the same movie 44 times?

Seeing Vicky Cristina Barcelona, one must wonder.  This movie is pure, unadulterated Woody Allen.

Which means it is not bad, and not that good, either, by my book.  Barcelona and environs are beautiful, the guitar score is very enjoyable, and Rebecca Hall and Javier Bardem both did great jobs.  Penelope Cruz did a good job as well, although her character seemed to be pretty typical for Penelope Cruz.  And Scarlett Johansson?  Well, let’s just say that maybe this was not the role for her.

The plot?  Silly, of course, with all these pretty young people loving the wrong people and getting very mixed up with each other.  Lessons to be learned?  Perhaps for the very young.


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