The Democractic Speeches

I thought that Hillary Clinton gave a fine speech last night, as did Mark Warner, who gave the Keynote Address.  But don’t over look Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, and especially don’t overlook Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who would be my choice for keynote speaker any day.  I assume that you can find all these addresses on the web somewhere.

The best line, though, was Governor Ed Rendell’s, when he said something like:  “they used to say that President Bush’s father had an easy time of it, that when he became President, he was already on third base.  Well, the current President Bush was on third base at the start of his term, too, and then he proceeded to steal second.”

Second best was HC’s jibe about McCain and Bush being so hard to tell apart that it is appropriate that the Republican convention be held in the Twin Cities.

Too many speeches, but all in all not a bad night in front of the TV.


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