Both Parties the Same?

Did you see the New York Times/CBS News survey in yesterday’s New York Times.  Here are some of the findings regarding delegates at the two conventions:

1.  Republicans 93% white; Democracts 65% white

2.  Republicans 2% black; Democrats 23% black

3.  Is the economy good or very good?  Republicans 57% yes; Democrats 2% yes

4.  Is health care more important than low taxes?  Republicans 7% yes; Democrats 94% yes

5.  Were we right going into Iraq?  Republicans 80%; Democrats 2%

6.  Is the environment more important than new energy sources?  Republicans 3%; Democrats 25%

7.  Should abortion be generally available?  Republicans 9%; Democrats 70%

8.  Should gay couples be allowed to marry?  Republicans 6%; Democrats 55%.


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