Two Questions About John McCain (six cents)

1.  Is he a “natural born citizen”, as the Constitution requires a president to be?  The question is not an easy one, as I understand it.  McCain was born in the Canal Zone to American parents and when McCain was born, there was a law that stated that persons born outside the United States to American citizens were American citizens but apparently this law excluded, for whatever reason, the Canal Zone.  This was remedied by a later law that stated that such persons born in the Canal Zone were natural born citizens, but this corrective law was passed after McCain was born, although it had retroactive effect.  So, McCain now is a natural born citizen by virtue of this law, but was not a natural born citizen at the time of his natural birth.  At least this is how it is explained to me.

2.  Was he nominated by his party?  I watched the first night of the Republican Convention, when the chair requested a motion for adjournment.  From the floor, someone moved that “the convention be adjourned”. This motion was seconded and passed by acclimation.  Not a motion that the session be adjourned, or that the convention be adjourned until the next day.  Simply a motion to adjourn the convention.  I question whether this parliamentary action in fact invalidates anything that occurred over the next three days.


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