Notes on Sarah Palin (so I don’t forget)

Two front page articles today, Times and Post, on Sarah Palin.  This is my paraphrasing:

1.  Her appointment of five high school classmates to high level positions, including Franci Havemeister as head of the Agriculture Department; Ms. Havemeister said she was qualified because of her love of cows–she was a real estate agent.

2.  In reviewing the budget, she spoke only with her budget director and her husband in deciding to veto millions of dollars of items passed by the legislature; she did not talk to legislators or mayors.

3.  Her assistant called a critical blogger and demanded that she stop blogging.

4.  When she was mayor, and her city attorney issued a stop work order on a housing project, she got the attorney fired.  The developer was a supporter.

5.  Uses personal email accounts for state business.

6.  She employs secrecy, such as stating that her scientific advisors told her that polar bears were not endangered; after a Freedom of Information request was processed, it was discovered that this is not what they said.

7.  She had her brother-in-law, going through a divorce from her sister, fired; he was a state trooper.  This is now being investigated.

8.  Her husband called a state representative and made her displeasure clear of the hiring of someone who she had a personal problem with.

9.  She abruptly fired the museum director; apparently, he was too progressive.

10.  She apparently voiced disapproval of some library books, even if she did not herself order their removal.

11.  Clearly keeps dossiers on opponents, fails to meet with mayors, etc.

12.  Involves her husband continually.

13.  In Wasilla, the state, and not the town, runs firefighting, schools, social services, environmental matters.  But she also hired a full time deputy to help her.

14.  She objected to the police chief wanting to change the 5 a.m. bar closing hours to 2 a.m., and to outlaw carrying weapons in banks and bars.


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