Memory Loss (one cent)

Last night’s dinner table conversation included discussions about people we knew (elderly, and not so elderly) who suffered from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia or memory loss.  It must have affected me, because throughout the night (although I slept well enough), I had anxiety-provoking dreams about memory loss.  And I mean anxiety-provoking.

I was trying to remember the name of the city that my college was in.  It was not my actual college, but had the name of an actual college that is in New York.  I couldn’t remember the name of the town, and I thought the town was in California.  I looked at maps of California (the San Francisco area particularly), and none of the names seemed familiar.  I thought and I thought and I thought, and I grew more and more frustrated not knowing the name of my college town.  (It was only after I awoke and remembered the dream that I realized that the city in which the college is located is 3000 miles from California.)

I went to a lecture (or maybe a concert or a play) with a friend.  My friend went into the auditorium first and told me he/she would save me a seat.  I came in a few minutes later.  I knew that someone was saving me a seat, but I couldn’t remember who I came with.  I looked at the entire auditorium, row by row.  No one looked familiar; no one motioned me to a seat.  The frustration increased.

I was with a large group of people.  I don’t think we were touring, but we were part of a regular group, or class or something.  Our plan was, on the given day, to go to some location where you were not allowed in unless you had made a reservation to come within the past 30 days.  There was no way to check to determine if you had made a reservation.  The job of making the reservation was mine, and no one else’s. I had no idea if I had made a reservation or not.  The location was difficult to get to; it was a major trip.  I was afraid that we might get there and not be able to get in because I had neglected to make the reservation.  I was petrified that my memory loss secret would be discovered.

Were these the only three elements of memory loss in my dreams of last night?

I honestly don’t remember.


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