May you live in interesting times?

What weird times!

We remained bogged down in Iraq, we seem to be stagnated in Afghanistan, Pakistan is upset at our arrogance, the economy has collapsed, we still don’t have an energy plan, Iran may go nuclear, Russia wants to be at least a regional superpower, we can’t figure out how to manage health care, Latin America has turned against us, hurricanes have devastated not only parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, but now large parts of Texas and recovery is slow, our job situation is abysmal, our auto industry shows no signs of recovery, travel is becoming prohibitively expensive  ……..

This is the Bush legacy, I guess.

But what will happen now?  Bush has deferred to Secretary Paulson to get us out of the economic mess.  He has become the lamest of lame ducks.  Everyone abroad thinks that they can take advantage of us.  And, if Putin is an example, they are probably right.

And we are 6 weeks from an election, with both candidates running against the Republican administration.  But has anyone noticed that Obama seems quite sincere when speaking, and that McCain seems like, if he wasn’t reading the speech prepared by someone else, he wouldn’t know what to say at all?  And has anyone noticed that McCain and Palin both (I guess because of their ghost writers) seem to be saying mistruth after mistruth?  If so, where is the outrage?

These are weird times, as I said.


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