There you go again, Joe, doggone it! You sure aren’t no maverick.

I can’t believe it. Why are people praising Palin’s awful performance?

I watched that debate last night. Joe Biden was close to perfect in his knowledge, judgment, demeanor, everything. He also said almost exactly what you’d want him to say as to plans and policies.

Sarah Palin remained a joke. OK, so she didn’t freeze up, and she didn’t look baffled, and she didn’t swallow any lines, or even say “I’ll have to get back to you on that, ok?”. That keeps her from getting an F, perhaps, but it doesn’t automatically raise her grade above a D. And that is what I would give her.

First, I thought it was unforgivable that she told Gwen Ifill (who was superb) that she wasn’t going to answer the questions that she was asked, she was simply going to give the speech she would like to give, even though it would be interrupted by questions. What kind of a debate is that? And time and time again, she simply refused to answer questions.


Question: so how do you like the food?

Answer: I think eating in autumn is great, and so does John McCain.

Did she say anything bad? No, she didn’t sound like a wacko conservative, just a wacko. She basically sounded like someone who had been programmed, wound up, and left to run on and on for 90 minutes until she wound down. For those people who have said “Let Sarah be Sarah” (condescending as that may sound), she didn’t sound like Sarah; she sounded like someone who crammed for her exam, and wanted to make sure she got it all out.

Of course, you never really know how things turn out. If Palin become president (can you even conceive of that?), maybe she will be the best we ever have. And maybe the Nats will win the World Series next year.


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