Recently, I have noticed…… ($5.01)

First, have you ever tried to comment on an article on the website of the New York Daily News?  You have to register first, and to register you need to answer a number of questions.  The questionnaire tells you that those marked “Required” must be answered.  There are several categories of questions.  The last category is denominated:  Optional Questions (“Required”).

Then, there is the ticket that we got at the Atlas Theater for last weekend’s Winard Harper concert.  The following legend was clearly printed on the ticket:  Store in a dark, cool place.  Exposure to heat or sunlight will cause the ticket to turn black.

I kid you not.

Finally, not quite three cheers for the Verizon Yellow Pages.  On their truck is painted a very clever logo:   Our business is looking up.  (OK, so a demolition company can say ‘our business is booming’, etc.  I know). But they follow it with the following semi-idiocy:  Verizon Yellow Pages are the official yellow pages of the Washington Redskins.


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