McCain and Palin: Playing With Fire

By repeating the accusation that there is something sinister about Barack Obama’s “palling around with terrorists” (an accusation about equal in veracity to the blood libel or the truths of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion), McCain and Palin are playing with very, very hot fire.  Already, there have been shouts from the audiences at Republican rallies of “kill him”; I have seen more than one account of this.

What if someone actually tries to do it?  We live in a very crazy world, you know, and our country contains within it more than a small number of crazies who would do anything to ensure that a terrorist/presidential candidate does not get elected.

Shame, shame on McCain, on Palin, and on any advisor of theirs who is not condemning this horrific strain of their campaign.  Shame, shame, shame.


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