Back from Turkey and Before I Completely Forget (25 cents; 1 YTL)

I wanted to set down the Turkish words that I learned over the twelve days I was in the country.  Now, I don’t know how to spell them, although Turkish is a phonetic language, and in fact I couldn’t spell them correctly on my English keyboard because Turkey has some letters or letter variations that are different from what we have in English.  For example, Turkey has two different “i’s”, one with a dot, and one without.  And Turkey has a “c” and an “s” with a curlicue under it that turns them into “ch” and “sh”.  And it can umlaut the “o” and the “u”.

But here is what I remember:

yes = evet

no = hiyer

no, thank you = hiyer, sol

thank you = sol (or teshakur)

thank you very much = chok sol

fish = balik

chicken = tuvek

baked chicken = tuvek firman

port = limon

air = hava

airport = havalimoni

toilet = tuvalet

pier = iskele

auto = oto

after someone sneezes, you say chok yesha

stop = dur

green = yeshil

village = koy

olive = zaytin

oil = yagi

please = lutfen

check = hesab

pistachio = fistig

yogurt = yogurt

apple = elma

water = su

sea = deniz

That’s about it.  I wonder how accurate even that is.


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