An Example of Internet Technology (2 cents)

Advertisers on the web can match their ads to their audiences.  No longer, for example, does an airline have to have its ads run on web pages touting ground transportation.  Through the use of key-words and who knows what else, airlines can make sure that their ads only run on web pages where the reader would be more likely to want to fly somewhere. appears to one of the sites that has advertisers whose ads are given specialized placement like this.  Today, for example, one of its lead stories is a very interesting one, about the inadequacy of the sewage system in Sadr City, Baghdad, and the consequent backflows of sewage that inundate that part of the city (and many other places in Iraq as well).  It is a story of lack of resources, disinterest in this type of problem, Iraqi politics, and everything else you can imagine.

At the bottom of the page, there are three ads.  They are all from Maryland companies that will clean out your drains and your septic tanks the very same day you call.

OK, the contrast is clear.  But I don’t think this is what either Bloomberg, or the plumbing companies, had in mind.


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