Random Thoughts on a Saturday morning

1.  I brought in the newspapers.  Where is Parade Magazine?  What will my Saturday be like if I don’t have Parade to ignore?

2.  I dreamt last night I was somewhere in St. Louis, in the suburbs, and it was time to leave.  I told everyone I would walk, because the weather was good.  I walked north on what I think was Warson Road.  I got to the intersection of what should have been Clayton Road, but it wasn’t.  I was confused.  I looked at the street sign.  It said I was crossing Boylston Street.  Not the Boston Boylston Street, but a suburban street with big houses and lawns.  I stopped and tried to think it through, but got nowhere.  I continued.

Soon, I was with a group of people.  These people had never heard of Clayton Road, or Ladue Road.  They thought I was crazy.  I realized that something very important had happened.  I had entered a parallel universe, occupying the same space as my universe, on the same planet.  But this was a universe unconnected to mine.  I was the only link.  How did I get there?  Could I get back?

I tried to explain to everyone (all of whom looked like I could have known them, none of whom I knew) what had happened.  They were polite, but I could see the internal snickering.  I got more and more anxious and perturbed; my voice rose as I tried to explain myself.

I awoke, shivering.

3.  I went right to the Business Section in the Post this morning.  Atypical.  It is usually second to last.  The last thing I read is the front page, because I either know everything already, or it is too depressing.  What does that say about the world, the newspaper business, and me?

I read a quote from an Obama representative on the cooperation the transition team would give the Bush administration to get more of the TARP funds released.  But should I believe her?  Her name is Cutter.

And then, there was a story about the bottleneck in the Senate getting the $15 billion to the auto industry.  The bottleneck is named Corker.  That makes more sense.

And then there is this guy who must be a magician because he made $50 billion disappear.  Should people have wondered?  His name is Madoff.  In the old country, I bet it was Made-off.

Oh well, none of this important, is it?  There was some important news in the business section.  I leave you with two quotes:

“Retail sales rallied in November, falling 1.8 percent” – page D1

“About 40 national chain stores last week reported the worst November sales in more than 30 years at established stores when compared with the same month in 2007.” – page D2.  Does that make sense?  Well, look at the Dilbert cartoon:

1.  You should invest all your money in diseased livestock.

2.  It would be unwise to invest in just one sick cow.  But if you aggregate a bunch of them together, the risk goes away.

3.  It’s called Math.”


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