What a Day Yesterday Was!

From today’s news:

**Man dressed as Santa Claus kills 8 in California
**14 hurt as car crashes into Hannukah party on Long Island
**Woman in Hagerstown MD hits two deer, gets out of her car, and is killed by passing car.
**Annapolis MD man driving a flatbed truck kills his 8 year old daughter, who fell off.

And, I am sure much more (not to mention the deaths of Earth Kitt and Harold Pinter, two very talented people who happened to take strong public positions against two unpopular wars).

But….there is always humor.

For example, I went into a new Goodwill Store’s book section this morning. It is large and well organized. I saw a nice copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s novel “The Poisonwood Bible” carefully positioned in the “Religion and Bible” section.

And, on C-Span this morning, during a call in show on problems in Africa, a serious sounding man phoned in and complained about the media using the term “New Guinea” as being prejudicial to Italians.


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