The Israeli Dilemma

How do you have any sort of peace arrangement with a neighbor who is bent on your destruction, and is not only unwilling to sign any sort of peace treaty, but says that, if there were no active conflict raging at this time, they would be using their resources to mobilize their population and the population of the Islamic world for the destruction of Israel?

This is the mother of all dilemmas, is it not?  Assuming that the State of Israel does not want to engage in self-destruction, is there any other way out?  Is it just a matter of time until the concept of the destruction of Israel will cease to exist as the main order of business for so many neighboring peoples, are is this a perpetual condition that will end only if Israel is indeed destroyed?

If the ideology of radical Islam (is it only ‘radical’ Islam) does not change; if the text books and religious training doesn’t change, the cycle of violence will continue.  And if one side simply wants it to continue, what can you do?


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