The Exit/End Strategy in Gaza

I am not going to comment on the war itself; I have made my point before. But what is the exit/end strategy?

Where is the promise that Gaza will be rebuilt? That there will be compensation to its citizens for their suffering? Where is the promise that, once the hostilities are over, and assuming Hamas is replaced by the PA, that there will be an opening of the port, of the borders? Why are food and medical supplies not being let in now either by Israel or Egypt? Is it a matter of strategy (make them hurt until they cave) or of security? Can we have an explanation?

No one in his or her right mind can excuse Hamas (of course a lot of people are not in their right minds), nor can anyone in his or her right mind criticize Israel for defending itself against rocket attacks. But can anyone really excuse the havoc that is clearly being strewn on the Gazans, particularly when there is no Israeli (or intergovernmental) Marshall-like plan on the horizon? When and how will this end, and what will come next? Shouldn’t someone be explaining?


3 thoughts on “The Exit/End Strategy in Gaza

  1. The other night (at the beginning of the Gaza bombing) we had dinner with friends, including their soon-to-be daughter-in-law who is Palestinian. I listened while she ranted about Israel’s atrocities (esp the blockade). The next day, a young couple visited with some others, no connection with first friends above, and he was Israeli. I listened to him spout the standard Israeli lines (What else could we do; it was expected; etc.). I imagined locking the 2 of them (young Palestinian and young Israeli) in a room until they could agree on a solution. What if both sides could lose the victim mentality?
    Along these lines, I love the movie Walk on Water I would like for you to see it and comment. But since you didn’t like The Band’s Visit, you may not like this one either.

    • I was about to erase my article, because i really don’t like it. I am not sure what to say. It is clear to me that people are suffering terribly. It is equally clear that Hamas has to be obliterated. And much of the Arab world obviously thinks the same; clearly the PA and Egypt are cooperating with Israel, hoping for the best. At least I think it is clearly.

      But look at my daughter Hannah’s note (; it is probably the best written heartfelt discussion of the problem, and perhaps one that both of your friends would agree with. No solution, though

  2. I think this is a pretty good post, so I am glad you didn’t erase it. Thanks for the suggestion to read Han[v]nah’s blog; very good!
    I am not sure I agree with your line “Hamas has to be obliterated.” First, it may be impossible; every one killed results in several new recruits. How can you obliterate a mindset? But the mindset could be made irrelevant — maybe in part by doing more of what you suggest in this post.
    Hey, I enjoy conversing this way! Much better than Facebook, IMHO.

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