The Human Condition: War and War Deaths

As expected, the Israel incursion into Gaza is causing terrible problems because, as I suggested last week, while Israel knows when to start something (and the situation in Gaza did require some action), it does not know when to stop. And, the suffering is awful, and the effect on Israel internally and the vision of Israel through external eyes is, once again, equally awful.

But, a little perspective, perhaps. Not as an excuse, or even as a statement of right or wrong, but as a demonstration of the human condition.

Approximately 550 people have been killed in Gaza, as I understand it. That’s a large number, particularly considering the population of Gaza is somewhere above 1 million.

But, and here goes:
World War II 40 million plus
Chinese An Shi Rebellion 30 million plus
Mongol Conquests of Russia and Asia 30 million plus
Manchu Conquest of China 25 million plus
Taiping Rebellion 20 million plus
World War I 20 million plus
Tamerlane’s conquests 7 million plus
Russian revolution and civil war 5 million plus
Congo Wars 4 million plus
Napoleonic Wars 3 million plus
30 Years War 3 million plus
Korean War 2.5 million plus
Vietnam War 2.5 million plus
French religious wars 2 million plus
Shaka’s conquests in Africa 2 million plus
Afghanistan 1.5 million plus
American Civil War 1 million plus

This is our species. Created in the image of God?

(The statistics come from a Wikipedia article which may contain some questionable numbers, but each of the statistics in the article was described as a range (“from X to Y”).  In each case I have taken the lower number.  If I had taken the higher numbers, the total would have another 150 million or so deaths.  And I understand that these are all deaths from combat, and not from collateral health or poverty related issues.)


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