A Strange Find – Soldan High School, St. Louis

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm is just what it sounds like, a model colonial-era farm operated by the United States Park Service, located in Fairfax County, Virginia.  The Friends of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm own a cabin where the conduct occasional used book sales.  They welcome donations, stock their shelves, hold their sales, and replenish their shelves, but only once in a while to they empty their shelves and start all over.  That is what is happening this weekend, before the Rotary Club comes to pack up what remains (and that does mean several thousand books) and ships them to somewhere in deepest India.

Before this happens, they hold a sale where they offer 75% off all books and other items.  I went yesterday afternoon.

One of the women who works there asked me:  Have you found anything good?  I told her that “good” would probably be an exaggeration, but that I did find a few things that I thought were unusual and interesting.

While we were talking, I was going through a small pile of “ephemera”, and chanced on a piece of sheet music.  It was not in very good condition, deteriorating, it appeared, just from my observing it.  It was a piece entitled “Soldan-Alma Mater”, and was published in 1925 and dedicated to all students at, and alumni of, Soldan High School in St. Louis.

My father went to Soldan High School.  I dutifully bought it for 25 cents and brought it home, where it now is – continuing its process of disintegration.

I am not sure what they would have done with in India.  I doubt that it would have withstood the trip. (S


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