The Stimulus Package: Very Exciting

The stimulus passes without a Republican vote in the House and only three in the Senate. You now see what it is like to live under a parliamentary system with your party in power. No opposition needed; no coalition necessary; bipartisanship doesn’t exist. The only catch: America is not supposed to be this way.

What will the Republicans do now? Will they sign on and try to make it work, supporting it all the way? Or will they bad mouth it, so that close to 50% of the country will not support it, helping to guarantee its failure? What do they support more? The country? or the Party? We shall see.

And what about the Democrats. How exciting it will be for the federal officials who will have to implement these programs and distribute these funds. Write the regulations. Create the standards. Assure transparency. Construct monitoring systems. And so forth. The question is: will they be up to the task?

Take the switch to digital from analog TV. One small, seemingly simple, governmental program – messed up completely. Of course, this was the Bush administration. But we’ll have to see if things change now. They might, but then again…….


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