Opening Day at Nationals’ Stadium

The final score was Philadelphia 9, Washington 8.

What were the worst moments?  Hernandez’ two errors at second base on two simple infield ground balls (one of which should have been a double play)?  Or Rivera’s hitting two batters for no reason at all and then allowing a 3 run home run?  Or Guzman’s hamstring injury after going 5 for 5?

Hard to say.

The Nats are now 0-7.  Their composite ERA remains above 8.00.

It makes no difference whether or not they are hitting.  They are being done in by pitching (or lack of it), and fielding(or lack of it)  [true, the Hernandez errors can be explained by his early return from injury occasioned by the two other second basemen’s injuries].

On the other hand, other than Rivera, the pitching was not bad.  And it was good to see Dunn, Dukes and Zimmerman hit home runs.

What next?


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