A Morning Shot of Vodka (3 cents)

A strange dream……

It is 11 a.m.  I know that, although I don’t look at a clock.  I am in a large house.  I don’t know that I have ever seen this house before, but it is comfortable and familiar.  I want a shot of vodka.

I know that I never have had vodka at 11 in the morning.  I know that it is a depraved thing to do; it is something that only an alcoholic would do.  I know I am not an alcoholic.

But it is 11 a.m., and I want a shot of vodka.

I take the alcohol from the freezer and pour the drink.  I am afraid someone will discover me.  People come in and out of the room.  I am very sneaky.  I stand with it in front me facing the wall.  I cup my hand over the small glass.  I have a number of tricks.  No one guesses what I am up to.

Now, no one is in the room.  I feel safe.  I sit in a chair.  I pick up a book.  I start to read, and to sip.

A woman, whom I don’t recognize, an older woman, comes into the room.  I know she sees me.  I can no longer hide it.  I decide instead to act like it is the most normal thing in the world.  She says hello, and walks by leaving the room.

I wonder if she will tell on me.

I wake up.


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