Just an interim praise (4 cents)

Whole Foods seems to have adopted a new policy.  Yesterday, I was in the store, and was buying some beets.  I didn’t see the price and asked and was told the were 99 cents a pound.  When I got to the check out line, the checker put in the code for beets and they came out at $1.99 a pound.  I told her (more out of trying to be helpful than anything else) that the customer service lady told me 99 cents.  The checker then said:  Oh, if she told you that, OK”.  I thought she was going to charge me 99 cents a pound, but she took them off the bill entirely.  I told her that she forgot to add the beets back.  She told me they were free, since it was their mistake…….

Today, I went to Whole Foods and bought flowers.  The flowers were $4.49 a bunch, or $12 for three.  I bought three.  The checker (different person) asked me how much the flowers were (they seem to have many Mother’s Day flower specials, so I could understand her confusion).  I told her $12.  She rang up $36.  I told her, no, they were three for $12, that that was the total price.  She apologized, agreed with me, and took them off the bill.  I said:  are you going to add back the $12?  She said she wasn’t, since she had inconvenienced me….

I am trying to process the business plan here, as I am planning to buy ten pounds of salmon tomorrow, and tell the checker that the fish department told me salmon was $1 a pound……..

Anyway, while I am praising, I should also mention uni-ball micro pens by Sanford.  Why?  Because last week, when I was sitting on the back patio, I left my pen on the table outside.  I saw it through the window that night, when the rain started.  It has rained every day for a week, sometimes hard, sometimes off and on.  This afternoon, it cleared up, and I took my lunch and the New York Times outside and sat down at the table.  I saw my pen and remembered that I had left it there many rains ago.  I picked it up.  Decided to see if it would write.  And it did.  Perfectly.  No hesitation.


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