A Movie Under False Pretenses

It was advertised as a movie to mark the 100th anniverary (or so) of the founding of Tel Aviv, titled “Dear Edmond”, Edmond being Edmond Rothschild, for whom Rothschild Boulevard, the original grand avenue of Tel Aviv, was named.

There were many scenes of Rothschild Blvd, it is true, including old footage and new.  For those who don’t know Rothschild, it is a broad city street with a median strip, with trees and grass and a walking path, and benches, and there are usually people of all ages walking and sitting and generally congregating, as well as all imagineable breeds of dogs.  Formerly elegant, it went through a period of decay, and has been brought back to life in recent years.

The movie was, unfortunately, not really about Rothschild Blvd., and not really about Tel Aviv.  It was about the filmmaker and his wife (?) and her pregnancy and their triplets.  Not that their story was not without interest and adventure.  It is.  But it is not about Tel Aviv.  So, if you want to know what happens when a 40 something woman, who had no previous children, discovers she is having triplets, and want to see her pre-natal doctoral visits, the birth (more or less) and snippets of the first several years of very cute children, this is the movie for you.  If you are interested in Tel Aviv, you should skip this one, and find something else.


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