If Only It Weren’t Free…..

I would not read The Washington Examiner at all, but it is free so it often becomes the newspaper of choice when you sit down over a cup of coffee in the morning at a cafe.

Putting aside its horrific right-wing editorial policy (and equally horrific right-wing columnists) for today, however, let’s take a look at some of the accomplishments of our fellow human beings:

1.  Waiters at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, M & S Grill, 701 Restaurant and several others have apparently been paid $20 for each credit card number that they gave to three individuals, who had used the credit cards to purchase $750,000 of goods and services.

2.  A Maryland suburbanite was sentenced for counterfeiting $50 bills.  His equipment was purchased with other counterfeit bills he had previously made.

3.  A New Jersey man pled guilty to illegal transporting to New York and New Jersey from Virginia 15,000,000 untaxed cigarettes.

4.  Two teenagers poured sulfuric acid on a playground slide; their parents’ homeowners’ policies had to pay extensive damages to the family of a young boy who was severely burned.

5.  At the Fuji Mountain restaurant in Temple Hills, on Thursday nights (but only from 8:30 to 9:30), ladies can get free drinks and free “wasabi peas”.  The FM ad makes it clear, though, that the free wasabi peas are only “while supplies last.”

6.  It strikes me odd (looking at another ad) that the Gilbert Small Arms Range would choose to be located on “Terminal Road”.

7.  And, then there is the Urban Country furniture ad, which says that its sale will onlly run another ten days and will end on May 31.  Today is May 28.

8.  A defense contractor in Iraq pled guilty to bidding an excessive amount, so that a competing bid would be selected, with the winning bidder paying the excessive bidder a commission for its services.

9.  In New Mexico, after an automobile accident in which her father was killed, a 7 year old drove the vehicle for help.

OK, so we can’t ignore the right wing slant completely.  Did you know that….

1.  The FCC is going to probe Arbitron ratings because the ratings favor right-wing talk shows?

2.  The media are supporting Obama’s policies because they know they will be destroyed by big government if they don’t?

3.  The Chrysler dealerships that are being closed are all owned by Republicans, and that is how they were chosen?

4.  Obama chose Tuesday as the day to announce his Supreme Court nominee only because he thought it would get North Korea off the front page?

5.  If Sotomayor were not Hispanic, she would not have been considered for the nomination?

6.  Women’s happiness appears to be in inverse relationship to the amount of equality they have with men?

7.  The appointment of Yale Law School dean Harold Koh as State Department chief legal advisor means that we will be giving up our sovereignty in favor of international controls, and they we may wind up ratifying such awful treaties as the Law of the Sea and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.


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