If It Only Weren’t For the Jews (6 cents)

If it weren’t for the Jews, Hitler would not have been anti-Semitic, the Holocaust would not have occurred, the National Holocaust Museum would not have been built, and poor James von Brunn would not have been driven to walk into the museum with a loaded rifle and shoot at a security guard point blank.  To avoid such horrific instances in the future, the Jews should be eradicated.

Believe it or not, some people think exactly like this.

If you believe that people like James von Brunn are, as they say, as rare as hen’s teeth, look again.  I spent an hour or so last night reading through the Summer 2009 edition of Intelligence Report, the quarterly journal of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks supremacists, segregationists, and racists.

Here you go –

First, the news clips include:

1.  “A Belfast, Maine, neo-Nazi who was shot to death by his wife last December possessed a cache of radioactive and other dangerous materials suitable for building a ‘dirty bomb'”.

2.  Ten member of a supremacist group, Peckerwoods, were arrested for attacking a rival gang member with baseball bats and knives, and stabbing his fiance in California

3.  Three “vigilantes” beat a teenage Liberian immigrant with a pipe on Staten Island.

4.  Three Latino men randomly targeted a black bowling alley worker in California

5.  A skinhead killed a black woman during a car jacking in New Jersey

6.  Four white supremacists in Connecticut lured a black man into a house, and beat and robbed him.

7.  Two police officers were murdered in Louisiana by a member of the Aryan Circle.

8.  During a trial in Ohio, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, said he would kill the first corrections officer he could.

9.  A racist former Marine was indicted for plotting to kill Pres. Obama in North Carolina.

10. A racist skinhead in Tennessee was indicted for plotting to murder over 100 blacks including President Obama.

11. A police officer in Fruitland FL resigned after it became known that he was the local Kleagle for the Ku Klux Klan.

12. A former sheriff’s deputy in Arizona was sentenced to prison for crimes arising out of his membership in Aryan Nations.

13.  A UCLA animal researcher was sent a threat by mail.

14. The Animal Liberation Front car bombed another researcher in CA

15. The Earth Liberation Front bombed a campus building in Michigan.

Second, the main articles:

1.  The story of an undercover agent in Alabama who infiltrated the Klan for 18 months.

2.  The “National Anarchists”, not only anarchists, but separatists based in California

3.  The Aryan Guard, a neo-Nazi movement headquartered in, of all places, Calgary.

4.  A Jewish racist, Michael Hart, and his anti-black Muslim and Latino writings and organization, and the problems he has in the movement because he is Jewish.

5.  Klan activity and murder in Bogalusa, Louisiana

6.  The anti-Semitic writings of both David Duke and California State University at Long Beach professor Kevin MacDonald.

7.  A hate website headquarted in Estonia, but run by American supremacist Craig Cobb, and its influence on criminal activists.

8.  A racial murder spree in Brockton, Massachusetts, focusing on blacks from Cape Verde Islands.

9.  The story of racist biship Richard Williamson (recently re-instated, and the punished by the pope), and his reliance on Holocaust denier David Irving to learn the truth about the Holocaust.

10.  A neo-Nazi organization’s “death list”, published inRussia.

11.  Recruitment of South African racists by the British National Party

12.  The writings of Catherine Coulter and her defense of certain exclusionist organizations.

And then, as always, at the back of the magazine one-paragraph state by state criminal reports, part of the almost 200,000 hate crimes that occur annually.

Read and weep.


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