Wine and its Aftermath (3 cents)

Remind me never to drink white wine again.

It seems that, whenever I drink white wine, I have a restless night and a heavy head.  It happened last night (I had two glasses of an Italian pinot grigiot).  This does not happen when I drink red wine.  But 20 years ago or so, the situation was reversed.  White was my wine color of choice and I shied away from red, for the same reason I want to shy away today from white.

So I am trying to figure out what has changed.  The possibilities are:

1.  Nothing has changed.  I just don’t remember 20+ years ago clearly.

2.  The wines have changed.

3.  My physiology has changed.

4.  It is a matter of what you typically drink (i.e., if I started drinking white wine regularly and not red, I would find myself having trouble with red wines, but not white).

5.  It is all psychological; nothing has changed at all.

6.  Some, all, or none of the above.

And the answer is?


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